Nakul Dev, born on January 27, 1982, is an Indian Filmmaker from Rohtak, Haryana. He has 13 Films to his credit which include 4 Feature Films, 5 Documentaries, 4 Short Films and 1 Travel Show.

He started his Career in Filmmaking in 2003, after completing his Film Studies from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.

He has worked as Producer, Co-producer, Director, Writer and Executive Producer in last 17 years of his Career in Film Industry.

Nakul Dev was always inclined towards Films. He always considered Films as a great and powerful Medium to express thoughts and ideas. He moved to Mumbai after completing his Film Studies from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and started his first Feature Film at the young age of 23. He is one of the youngest Film producers in the Indian Film Industry.

Being a Law Graduate also further assisted him in his Production work and gave him a leading edge.

Nakul Dev comes from a Middle Class Family. He had nobody in the Film Industry, who could guide him. During initial days of his Career, he had a rough road ahead of him. It was quite a challenge to get established in Films. He had to go through financial hardships and many social challenges as well.

However, his persistence paid off well and he ended up winning many National and International accolades for his work. His films have won 9 awards, National as well as International.  Nakul’s films focus mainly on social issues.

Some of his acclaimed titles are ‘Frozen Tears (2018)’, ‘In the Name of Love (2019)’, ‘Akhnoor’, ‘AIDS Se Mukti (2007)’, ‘Blue Mountains’ (2017).

His Feature Film ‘Blue Mountains’ won 7 awards including ‘Golden Elephant’ award for  ‘Best Film From Asia’, in 19th ICFFI,  2015, many prestigious awards at Haryana International Film Festival in 2016, at  Hisar, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ award at NIFF 2016 and an Official Selection at SIFFCY, 2015, ‘Best Children Film’ award in Special Category, ‘Best Supporting Role’ award, ‘Best Editing’ award, ‘Special Festival Mention Award’ in 4th Cine Indian Film Festival at Mumbai.

His Short Film ‘Akhnoor’ also won two international awards. His other Short Film is titled, ‘Laash’ (2018).

‘In the Name of Love’ won awards like ‘Best documentary Film’ in London Independent Film Festival.

His other Feature Film titles include: The Last Monk (2006), Aasma (2013)

“The Last Monk” is appreciated in many International Film Festivals such as Cannes International Film Festival

His Documentaries include: Monsoon Peshrar (2018), Before I die (2020)

He has shouldered a huge responsibility of consistently organizing Haryana International Film Festival. This commendable work by him has given a major visibility to the State of Haryana as an International Platform, which is a great feather in the crown of the state.

His self-made journey made him support others also in their endeavours and his inclination towards doing Films based on social causes.

As a Filmmaker, he tends to look for stories that ignite something dormant lying inside people, that explore the deeper questions related to Humanity and Environment.