1. Before I Die: (2021)
This is a Documentary about an Uncommon Story of a Common Activist who came at the Forefront and triggered a Movement that has potential to save our Planet from perils of Habitat obliteration. This Film amplifies the Message behind this Movement, and shows its Impact. It's a real-life portrayal of Combat between Resistance and Persistence.

2. Fest, Feast, North East: (2020)
This Travel show is based on Seven Sisters, Northeast for promoting Tourism and is a project by Government of India

3. In the Name of Love (2018)
This Film covers sensitive issues like Love Jihad. The Film was shot in Kerala.

4. Aasma (2018)
This features true life story of a Kashmiri Girl who ended up in a conflicting situation in war. Film also sensitizes about 'underlying Jihad'.

5. Frozen Tears: (2018)
This Documentary is based on life of Naxalites of Chattisgarh.

6. Monsoon Peshrar: (2018)
This documentary was shot in Jharkhand, at a very beautiful place. The documentary covers the entire picturesque surroundings of Peshrar to promote Tourism there.

7. Blue Mountains: (2017)
This is his highly acclaimed Feature Film that highlights that there's much more than just winning and losing.

8. Laash: (2016)
This short film is based on Demonetization.

9. Akhnoor: (2007)
This is a short film on Terrorism in Kashmir and its aftermath of losses and destruction, depicted with so much of intensity that it shakes anyone to the core.

10. AIDS se Mukti: (2007)
This Film was made for Government of Haryana. The Film was about spreading AIDS awareness.

11. The Last Monk: (2006)
This Feature Film was premiered at Cannes Film Festival and had special screening at Rotterdam Film Festival. in 2006. The Film addresses the contemporary issues and spiritual inclinations in today's world.